Back Bay Condo  “Creative, insightful and receptive to feedback. These are just some of the qualities Mary possesses as, what I like to call, a personal curator for living lovelier. When faced with the dilemma of how to decorate my rental apartment I turned to Mary for guidance. She took, what was for me, an overwhelming, anxiety-ridden task and translated my inner design aesthetic into a reality. She has the vision for those who need help bringing their thoughts and dreams into a reality. On top of all that she comes ready to listen and receive feedback from her clients. Mary truly sparkles! ”  Julie, Boston’s Back Bay

Staging a new home to tell its story: When we moved from a Colonial house into a Victorian house, we had boxes and boxes of photos, artwork and mementos to unpack. Mary Lovely came to the rescue. She found a spot for all of our old favorites and went a step further, by mining our boxes of family treasures, dusting them off and incorporating them in to our everyday life by framing them and putting them on display. Now we can enjoy family artifacts that had been packed away for years. Mary was careful about asking for my preferences and we got to the point where I realized I trusted her judgement and liked letting her experiment and surprise me with combinations and placements I wouldn’t have thought of. She’s got such a good eye she was able to combine our assorted treasures into a cohesive look that suits the Victorian house while remaining fun and full of family nostalgia.  Nan- Westford,

HOUZZ-Review of A Boston Condo Design  Mary is wonderful to work with. She is patient, open and inspiring. She has a unique ability to help you find your own vision and make your home SPARKLE.
Highly recommend.
Like March 28, 2017 Kim, Boston

Home Staging and Selling This past spring I was faced with the daunting task of selling my parent’s house: They lived there for over 50 years. After my mother’s passing and my father’s subsequent move to a nursing home, it was my responsibility to orchestrate repairs, stage it and sell it.

I live out of state and I honestly, a single mom with three small children and a full time job, did not know how I would manage it.

A friend suggested that I call Mary Lovely (LivingLovelier.) In a nutshell, she took care of everything!

Unfortunately, the house failed Title 5: She bid the job and hired the most qualified company, tracked their progress, and secured the certificate.

The house needed a lot of TLC. She bid and hired a contractor to handle all the work including painting and electrical. She managed each step to ensure that all the details were attended to.

She created a landscaping plan and hired a company to install and maintain it throughout the sale process.

She staged the home to look it’s very best!

She sold or donated the contents of the house.

We accepted a (nearly) full price offer and just closed on the house just recently.

Given that I am out of state, managing this project would have been a true hardship. The process was smooth and seamless. Mary managed to make this process truly easy and organized.

I highly recommend LivingLovelier!  Jeanne C.
Meredith, NH