Staging With Style

Most of my staging clients call on me because they are preparing for a home sale.  Having your home professionally staged pays for itself.  Statistics show that houses which have been staged sell faster and fetch a  greater purchase price.


The moment you put your home on the market, it is no longer a home.  It is a house.  You need to cast an expansive net to potential buyers. Part of the process is organizing, decluttering, clearing out unnecessary knick knacks, furniture and basically, depersonalizing it (translation: no family photos and you’ll need to tuck your children’s’ masterpieces away until you settle in your new digs.)

When we stage a home for sale, we emphasize the strength of your property, showcasing its strongest characteristics. We design with fresh, clean style which is consistent with the architecture of your home and keep a neutral palate that is appealing to the greatest population.  The goal? Buyers will walk in and can envision themselves living there. That’s when your house sells.


Look what a little staging can do!


There is more.

Perhaps you are not selling your home.  Sometimes, we all just need another pair of eyes to shake things up and bring new life into your surroundings. We get used to the way things are.  What we don’t see is that things become, well, HoHum and who wants that?

Let’s pull all of the accumulated stuff off of your bookcase and make it look stylish and clean; Not a catch-all.  That furniture and those pillows have been around way too long! Let me suggest a fresh new paint color and some appointments:  Pillows, throws, art.  You know, the details.  Let the inspiration take over.

Call for an initial consultation and let’s LOVELY up your home.