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A Bountiful Table

LivingLovelier’s Thanksgiving table was abundant with a cornucopia of elements.  Not only did it include china, silver, and linens, but it encompassed layers and layers of complimentary accents. Scroll through the slideshow, or simply scan down for some ideas which may inspire you as you set your next festive table. Layers make an already beautiful… Continue reading A Bountiful Table

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Bric-a-Brac Inspired ​Fall Table

Yesterday, I opened my calendar to schedule an event.  “Holy Cow!”  I thought.  “Thanksgiving is in just two weeks!” How did THAT happen? I picked the last of my tomatoes from my garden only two weeks ago.  A quarter-full bowl of Halloween candy still sits next to the front door.  I feel like I should be… Continue reading Bric-a-Brac Inspired ​Fall Table