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HOME made; My LIVING-lovelier-ROOM

I don’t know about you, but our kitchen is the heart of our family living. But living rooms tend to be the second heart of the home. Our living room is a cozy haven with a set-up where we convene and watch tv, read, talk by the fire or play scrabble. It was a challenge,  a FUN challenge, to… Continue reading HOME made; My LIVING-lovelier-ROOM

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Branching out with Manzanita

One of the more inspiring parts of owning my former company, Louisburg Gardens, was my association with The Boston Flower Exchange.  I made it a point each week to walk through the flower market, take in the gorgeous colors, scents and see the many friends I had come to know over the years. http://www.thebostonflowerexchange.com/ The Exchange… Continue reading Branching out with Manzanita

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Living Lemony

Today is a cold and snowy winter day. I decided to head out early to do a few errands before the roads became treacherous. I had to collect a few things from the market.  As I walked toward the produce department, I glanced at the “supermarket flowers.”  Flowers would be a happy addition to my… Continue reading Living Lemony