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First Floor Open Plan

Today, I want to share with you the importance of designing an open plan so that the elements and colors work together. Here is a recent project by LivingLovelier. Last week I wrote a post about a Feature Wall and its dramatic impact on a room. Remember this? One of the points that I shared… Continue reading First Floor Open Plan

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Creating Charisma in a Charlestown Condo: Study!

I am sharing the transformation of the study, in this final post in my series “Creating Charisma in a Charlestown Condo.”  This has been fun! Often times, we are inspired by one item: A piece of artwork, a hobby, one notable piece of furniture, an antique.  We build our room around the theme. This is exactly what… Continue reading Creating Charisma in a Charlestown Condo: Study!

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Inspiring Jay


The man of the hour

During my twenty year tenure of owning my interior landscaping company, Louisburg Gardens, I hired some very talented designers.  Hands down, my very favorite of all was a fabulous man named Jay.


Always fun times together! Circa 2007, Palm Beach, Florida

Jay has a sunny disposition, he is fashionable, bright and he is multi-lingual. He is one of the most hilarious and quick-witted people I know.  Folks gravitate toward his positive energy. Jay was talented in winning over the most challenging clients. And you know what? This man can design his way out of a paper bag.

We shared a lot of laughs. Working with him was a delight. One thing that was truly spectacular was collaborating.  As we each contributed our tastes and opinions, our final product was that much better.

I recall designing a spring display for the waterfall area of Copley Place, a mall located in Boston’s Back Bay. I implemented cherry blossom branches, hot pink and yellow tulips, variegated glacier ivy, pink hyacinths and pussy willows. I was proud of my work but felt it needed something extra.  I asked Jay to have a look and give his opinion. I was delighted to see his magic touch; Cheerful, bright, paper and bamboo umbrellas. This whimsical  touch was just what was needed.


Cheery cherry blossoms- we will see them very soon!

It is inspiring to look at catalogs, magazines, HG TV, Pinterest and so on. We gather bits and pieces of that which captivate us. We take that wealth of knowledge and throw it all together and make it our blueprint. One great thing about working with another creative, though, is that you see a different perspective. While designers have talent and a particular style, some projects call for the benefit another’s opinion.

One such project was my very own home. When My Michael and I purchased our home, I was overwhelmed by the thought of this huge blank (empty) canvas. I knew what I wanted and was clear in my vision. I  needed another frame of reference, especially for the master bathroom construction project.  I enlisted the help of a  firm called The M Group. One of the partners was my former neighbor from Boston.

They suggested paint colors that I would not have considered. For example, in my living room, they suggested Benjamin Moore Taos Grey and Cabernet.  While Cabernet was not a stranger to me (The paint I chose for my front door in Boston when I first purchased the home,) I wouldn’t have thought to pair the two.

Although I was familiar with many sources, they introduced me to additional ones.  For example, despite that I had purchased a number of appliances from Yale Electric, it never occurred to me to consider their light fixtures.  The M Group procured one of my chandeliers from Yale.

We collaborated and much like working with Jay, the final project was just right.

In my post “Lovelier (for) You!” Lovelier (for) you! I mentioned many different reasons why people may benefit from a designer. Here is another twist. Even designers benefit from other designers.

Art is personal. It is subjective. There is no “good” art  just as there is no “bad” art. We appreciate and translate art in unique ways. One person may see value in one respect where another may be impressed by something entirely unrelated.

In the art of writing, every author has a unique voice. I may write on the same topic as another and, although the subject matter and theme may be identical and we are striving to portray the same message, the outcome is dramatically different.

Neither voice is better than the other. Just different.

Often times I ask Cousin Laura to read something of mine and offer her feedback. Many times she shares a perspective which I had never even considered. Enlisting her help strengthens my art.  It deepens it. See?

This is why we enlist the help of others. Two creatives can walk into the same store and see different treasures. They can see value in items the other did not even notice. Collaboration often affirms our opinion and enhances our work.

Creativity is born from ideas, how we look at things and how those concepts resonate with us and fuel us. Strength in numbers, everybody.

It was hard to say goodbye to Jay when he departed to start a new life in sunny Florida.  But I was so thrilled for him.  We are still in close touch.  As a matter of fact, we had dinner on Third Street in Naples last week while I was on vacation. We found ourselves strolling around peeking in the shops and ultimately landed with our noses pressed against the glass of an exquisite designer boutique displaying awe-inspiring furniture, artwork and accents. 


Some things never change.

Sparkle On, Friends!

(Updated) Welcome to My Home: A Series About How I Am LivingLovelier

HOME made; My LIVING-lovelier-ROOM










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Lovelier (for) you!



Rhipsalis, typically known as “mistletoe cacti” in a contemporary ceramic container sits on an antique mantle alongside a modern painting.  

Hi, All!

LivingLovelier is all about surrounding yourself with beauty and good taste both through interior design and cooking.


Let’s talk about interior design today.

Always get a swatch before you cut the fabric off the bolt!  Color wheels by Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams

Maybe you know what look you want and have started the decorating process but you don’t know how to pull it all together.

Or perhaps you are scratching your head and don’t know where to start.


Grammy’s steamer trunk which accompanied her from Ireland in 1915 

What if it is time to put your home on the market and need a stager to make it show- ready. You need a professional eye to make it present in the most appealing way to potential buyers so that you get the maximum price and a quick home sale.

Does any of this resonate with you?  You are reading the right post, friends!

I have years of experience as a designer. Let me help.


I found a set of tarnished antique ashtrays at a roadside shop. Polished up, they make great soap dishes. The birch candle sits on a silver rimmed wine coaster.

Most likely, I can save you time, energy, headaches, and money. Also, I can help you to avoid expensive mistakes.

For years, I have heard folks say the following about interior decorators:

  • My house isn’t nice enough.
  • I am embarrassed. My house is a mess
  • I am afraid that I don’t have the  budget.
  • A decorator would be appalled by my house.
  • I would  not know how to say no to something that a designer suggested
  • I don’t know what my style is

So, here is what I have to say to THAT.

My house isn’t nice enough. If you think your house can be nicer and you need help getting there then you need a decorator. If what you mean is that you are  not living on the fanciest street in town or that your home is not unlike many others then I suggest you stop being so judgy.

I am embarrassed. My house is a mess.  In the (similar) words of Forest Gump, “Nice is as nice does.”  A decorator guides you in organizing and setting up organizational systems so that you can keep your home tidy and beautiful. The fact that your house is a mess says that you need a better system! If you had the knowledge to set one up you probably would have done it by now. Call a designer.

I am afraid that I don’t have the budget. Start first by figuring out what budget you have. Maybe you do.  The sky doesn’t have to be the limit, Everbody! Pick a room, for example, and allocate a sum of money that you are willing to spend on the ideas and implementation. Maybe it is $ 1,000.00.Maybe more, maybe less. Maybe you want help choosing a paint color or a new faucet only. Be clear, though and be sure that you and your designer are clear on your agreement. Put in writing up front and FOLLOW IT.

I had a client who called me for help. She said she had a budget of $1,500.00 and needed help with her family room.  We organized the bookcases, adding some fun accents, rearranged the furniture, chose a paint color for the walls and tossed some fun and funky pillows and a throw on the sofa. She felt as if she had a whole new room.

A decorator would be appalled by my house.  If you have eighty cats, perhaps.  Designers have a job because people struggle with the task of creating beauty and functionality in a room. Consider your home a blank canvas or an exciting challenge.

I wouldn’t know how to say no to something a designer suggested.  A good decorator is able to appeal to different tastes. That is a talent. In addition, decorators are artists who understand that opinions are objective. Not everyone loves the same art, right? Speak up and don’t feel bad about saying no.

I have had success with my design skills for many years but I have had PLENTY of people speak up and tell me that they were not too keen on an idea of mine. THICK SKIN, friends. Thick skin.

I don’t know what my style is. A designer is able to determine and identify what appeals to you and then build upon it.

The good news is that you can dip your toe in the water without committing.  Look around, ask friends, check out magazines, make some calls. Schedule a consultation with a designer (me!) whose work speaks to you. Then you decide if it feels right, the budget works and whether you are ready to start LIVINGLOVELIER.

Sparkle On, Friends!


Echeveria in a birch container adds a contemporary yet rustic look.

My fees range starting at $75.00 per hour and up, depending on the project. Contact me at LIVINGLOVELIER@gmail.com for more information. I am available within the 617,978,781 and 508 area codes.

Sparkle On, Friends!

Don’t miss anything! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter @LIVINGLOVELIER, Instagram, and Pinterest.




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HOME made; My LIVING-lovelier-ROOM

I don’t know about you, but our kitchen is the heart of our family living. But living rooms tend to be the second heart of the home. Our living room is a cozy haven with a set-up where we convene and watch tv, read, talk by the fire or play scrabble. It was a challenge,  a FUN challenge, to… Continue reading HOME made; My LIVING-lovelier-ROOM

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Branching out with Manzanita

One of the more inspiring parts of owning my former company, Louisburg Gardens, was my association with The Boston Flower Exchange.  I made it a point each week to walk through the flower market, take in the gorgeous colors, scents and see the many friends I had come to know over the years. http://www.thebostonflowerexchange.com/ The Exchange… Continue reading Branching out with Manzanita

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Living Lemony

Today is a cold and snowy winter day. I decided to head out early to do a few errands before the roads became treacherous. I had to collect a few things from the market.  As I walked toward the produce department, I glanced at the “supermarket flowers.”  Flowers would be a happy addition to my… Continue reading Living Lemony

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Adding Glam to a Beacon Street Studio

  Bedrooms Should be Creamy and Dreamy A bright young woman recently contacted me for some decorating help. This fabulous and stylish gal just landed an impressive new job in the city. She packed up her bags and moved from the ‘burbs into a bright and spacious Beacon Street studio. She is hoping to purchase… Continue reading Adding Glam to a Beacon Street Studio