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First Floor Open Plan

Today, I want to share with you the importance of designing an open plan so that the elements and colors work together. Here is a recent project by LivingLovelier. Last week I wrote a post about a Feature Wall and its dramatic impact on a room. Remember this? One of the points that I shared… Continue reading First Floor Open Plan

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Spring Plantings!

Well, Winter has (WAY) overstayed its welcome. And SPRING? Yes, well, Spring is a bit too fashionably late for my liking. I went to Google for help on defining Spring and Google said this: “the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to May and… Continue reading Spring Plantings!


The Beauty of a Feature Wall

LOOK! I recently redecorated a Charlestown Townhouse and boy, did I have fun! Today, I am sharing a simple design concept which I integrated that made a great impact while adding drama and delight. A FEATURE WALL! Here is where we started. There were two benches separated by the refrigerator and a small service area… Continue reading The Beauty of a Feature Wall

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Holiday decorating was a significant part of my business during the twenty years I owned Louisburg Gardens.  As a matter of fact, we started our bow making in June in preparation for the busiest time of year. That said, I have heard confession after confession:  “I don’t know how to make a bow!” Today, let’s… Continue reading BOW MAKING 101

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One of My Favorite Things: Amaryllis

Introduce fresh flowers as part of your holiday decor this year.  But how about giving the poinsettias and Christmas Cactus the season off?  One stunning floral accent? Amaryllis. I poked my head into several shops over the weekend to breathe in the beautiful scents and admire the seasonal plants and flowers. One boutique was filled with… Continue reading One of My Favorite Things: Amaryllis

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Add Pizzaz To A Foyer

Last month, I wrote about a simple way to add some pizzaz to a piece of furniture.  With a bit of gold paint and an artist brush, I gave a facelift to an entry console table. See the difference?    See Midas Touch; Taking Blah to Ta-Dah!  https://wordpress.com/post/livinglovelier.blog/6706   I returned to my client’s foyer… Continue reading Add Pizzaz To A Foyer


The Story of Great Grandmother’s Cabinet

Just this past summer we sold my childhood home.  Prior to the sale, I spent much time cleaning out the house and came across many family treasures. As you can imagine, the house was filled with story. Many of the treasures took me right back to my childhood. Here is one such treasure:  The caning… Continue reading The Story of Great Grandmother’s Cabinet


Rocking the Christmas Tree

Hi All! This is one of my first posts which I published two years ago.  In it, you will find some tips on tree decorating. Seasons Greetings!  Sparkle On,  Friends!   Magical December. The music.The lights. The spirit. December brings an invitation to create:  We decorate, cook, and gather among friends. Decorating makes for a festive… Continue reading Rocking the Christmas Tree

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Glorious Garland

Our homes should rise up to meet us and welcome all who visit.  In the spirit of this and the upcoming holidays, I decided to put a little pizazz into my foyer, where my guests first enter my home. Last night, I trimmed the railing in my foyer with assorted, festive greens, pinecones, and ribbon.… Continue reading Glorious Garland

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A Bountiful Table

LivingLovelier’s Thanksgiving table was abundant with a cornucopia of elements.  Not only did it include china, silver, and linens, but it encompassed layers and layers of complimentary accents. Scroll through the slideshow, or simply scan down for some ideas which may inspire you as you set your next festive table. Layers make an already beautiful… Continue reading A Bountiful Table