I am so glad that you are here. I am Mary Lovely. My friends call me “MaryLovely” (all one word.) My husband nicknamed me “Sparkle.”  I was blessed with the name “Lovely” and thank the immigration officers at Ellis Island for that.

I am a fashion forward interior designer, impassioned creator, writer, artist, and zealous cook.

I believe that style is indispensable. I am a lover of timelessness, simplicity, freshness, elegance, impartiality, attainability and function. I am a true believer in mixing the modern with antiquity and edge. I am fashionably unpredictable.

I founded a design company which I owned for twenty years. Louisburg Gardens enhanced environments with lush and beautiful tropical plants and flowers in commercial and residential properties including malls, atriums hotels, and high-rise office buildings. Part of the business was holiday decorating, too.

It was great fun but time to move on. I sold the business and here I am SO EXCITED for my next chapter:  LIVINGLOVELIER.

I surround myself with beauty and goodness, and I want to do the same for you.

Pull up a chair, dig in and join in. Hire me, follow me, write to me.

Fill yourself up with that which brings you joy. Be happy. Start LIVINGLOVELIER

Sparkle On, Friends.

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