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First Floor Open Plan

Today, I want to share with you the importance of designing an open plan so that the elements and colors work together. Here is a recent project by LivingLovelier.fullsizeoutput_1929

Last week I wrote a post about a Feature Wall and its dramatic impact on a room.


Remember this?

One of the points that I shared is the importance of marrying all the elements of a room.  In this post, I will share the other half of the room in my earlier post.

An open floor plan can be a cohesive, functioning, flowing concept or it can be a disaster.  Consistency is key.  Look how the above works with the rest of the room!


What does that mean, exactly?  Well, to be extreme, think of the difference between a college dorm room (translation: FREE STUFF, old stuff, hand me downs, disposable, unmatched, etc.) THEN think, ummm, well, in the spirit of extremes, a furniture store floor model.

So, so different.

The former has the potential to be a cluttered, mismatched, mess.  The latter, cookie cutter boring and predictable.

So, how do we avoid each?
Neutrals keep your color base a neutral palette that all works (Translation)- choose one base – gray, beige, white, etc

Add a pop of color here? Plum!

Mix your elements but keep in the same tones. For example, here we have grey velvet and silk sheers with silver/ chrome abstract art. It works.  If we paired the same drapes with a polished brass piece? Disaster with a capital D.


The stools. OH, THE STOOLS! Leather PURPLE with a chrome pedestal stand- LOVE- paired with the paint (below the chair rail) “Shadow” by Ben Moore.


The glass table with chrome base and trim works perfectly with the art, drapes, grey linen sofa and accents.  And one of my favorite elements is the custom zebra bench ! I need smelling salts when I look at this- STUNNING, Funning and Fab!


My tagline is “Sparkle On, Friends” for a reason.  Have a look at the pillows: Glamorous and sparkly.


Finally, I believe that every successful design has an element of nature: a plant, fresh flowers, something made from stone, feathers, etc.  Here, look at the custom-made, one-of-a-kind wood bar.  It is stunning and was created by a local artist.


Great design requires the ability to extend beyond your comfort zone. And sometimes it takes gumption, too!

What is your next project? How can I help?


Sparkle on Friends!

Version 2

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