The Beauty of a Feature Wall



I recently redecorated a Charlestown Townhouse and boy, did I have fun! Today, I am sharing a simple design concept which I integrated that made a great impact while adding drama and delight.




Here is where we started.

There were two benches separated by the refrigerator and a small service area with microwave on one side of the kitchen.

The area seemed fine but it lacked character. There was little color. The cushions had been well-loved and the pillows had lost their plump.

What an opportunity to create a more functional area while adding sparkle and pizzazz!

One of the unique design approaches we used was papering a wall. A feature wall can be unexpected, dramatic, functional and well, FUN.  One of the reasons Living Lovelier suggested papering the wall is to bring the kitchen together and create a cohesive design with color, function and style.  We wanted to introduce the home’s accent color, plum, but we needed it to work.


Part of making a home your own is changing it up to reflect your taste and style, right?  There are some changes which, although we would like to make, require a lot of dollars.   There are ways to work those challenging elements so that you can not only live with them but love them.

Such was the case with the green granite.

My client was not in love with the greenish granite.  Instead of spending thousands to change it, we found a way to marry it with the new design and make it work. We decided to bring a shade of the color subtly in by means of a feature wall.  We chose mystical and fabulous mylar paper.

Another one of the wonderful things about this area of the kitchen is the seating.  It is a commonly known fact that many parties end up in the kitchen, right?  Well, why not give your guests a place to sit rather than standing around where you are trying to cook? Comfy cushions and pillows custom fabricated from gorgeous fabrics tie it all in and create a welcome nook to relax and keep the cook company (and out from underfoot).

Even Toby is tempted to curl up!



The final touch? A tailored Roman shade which serves to provide privacy but also adds balance to the seating areas and feature wall.

fullsizeoutput_197b.jpegNext up, I will show you how we continued the accent color to the open floor plan of the townhouse’s first floor.

Stay tuned!

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