That’s right! Thanksgiving is only A WEEK AWAY! Are you ready?

I spent the better part of the day making my game plan, and I am sharing it with you.  Hopefully, it will help you to be prepared for your big day and help you so that you can enjoy the benefit of a well-planned day.  That equates to a more relaxed less hectic, happier you.


I started by mapping out each task as a post-it note vision board 

Why I Love Thanksgiving by Mary Lovely:

  • It is seriously my very FAV holiday for a handful reasons:
  • My Michael and I usually host which makes me dance a jig in and of itself.
  • Thanksgiving affords me the opportunity to channel my creativity in so many of my favorite ways:  Cooking, table setting, floral design, entertaining.
  • It is a day which brings many of the people I love the most together around the table.
  • Gratitude is one of the best mindsets
  •  Oh! And it doesn’t hurt that we all get a hall pass to eat a lot of really good food.
  • Are you ready?

I am a list-maker. Ask my bestie, Clare.  She and I have been creating lists since we were around fourteen.  We delight in crossing things off the list.  Hosting is an undertaking, no matter whether it is a small group or large.  Breaking down the tasks and to-dos makes the process feel manageable.  We feel less overwhelmed as each check mark appears.

Here is my countdown list. Maybe it will help you and inspire you.  Did I forget anything?

See below for a typed list


In case you cannot read my turkey-scratch…

Thursday:  Order your turkey, order flower arrangement (if you are not arranging your own), grocery shop for non-perishables, plan how you will set the table (take an inventory of dishes, silverware, stemware)

Friday: “Boss people around” (ibid)! Delgate who will bring what, pick up any odds and ends for decorating (pumpkins, gourds, placecards, etc)

Saturday:  Pick up the turkey (if you ordered a frozen one) and depending on the size, start defrosting in the fridge, launder and press the linens, make place-cards

Sunday:  Set the table, allocate your serving dishes (huge time and stress saver), write heating instructions on post-its,

Monday:  Clean the house, shop for perishables, make stuffing, pick up the turkey (if you ordered a fresh one

Tuesday:  Pick up flowers if you are making your own arrangements, make said arrangements get a mani-pedi (a hostess likes to look good)

Wednesday:  Cut up and veggies, make your stuffing, make your hors d’oeuvres, brine the turkey

TURKEY DAY;  Put the turkey on (My bird is going in the oven at 5:00AM), cook the veggies (you can cook the day before but the day of is ideal), watch the Macy’s Day Parade with coffee,


OH- I added one more idea! Print out your recipes in advance!


Sparkle On, Friends!



Ibid: Thank you Andrea Jean Donnelly, my fun and hilarious friend, for this epic quote!

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