Penny Wise: A Bathroom Shower “Curtain” Which Makes Cents


Almost a year ago, I wrote about the transformation of a “vanilla ice cream,” new construction bathroom to a fun, loud and dramatic one.


As much as I loved the almost finished product, something was missing.  I could not figure out what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks to do to hide the shower stall.

Since we do not use that shower, the barrier did not need to function and could be merely decorative.  I went to Zimmans’ in Lynn and found some beautiful silk.  I sewed a lovely and colorful curtain, suspecting that it would be a more elegant version of the typical shower curtain. Nope.


For 10 months I stared at said non-typical shower curtain, underwhelmed. It just wasn’t cutting it.

Then, a few weeks ago I uncovered a three-paneled decorative divider screen in the garage. The screen functioned in our previous home to hide some unsightly boxes in the office. I had no use for it in our new house, so I shoved it behind the tool bench. Until NOW.

An Ah- HA! moment ensued.

So, here is what I did.  I sprayed the inlay with bronze paint; Two coats to be exact. I used X-O Rust Professional  Paint and Primer in One Gloss in Bronze. Next, I matched the green in the paper and chose Ben Moore’s  # 532 Winding Vines in semigloss, making sure to let each coat  thoroughly dry before applying the next. Three coats later, it was ready for the Midas (?) touch.

I called my bank and ordered $44.00 worth of 2017 pennies: Brand new, please.  That night, after picking them up, I sat down on the living room floor, with said pennies, and a hot glue gun. It took me two nights to hot glue each penny, heads up, to the inlay.   I binged watched “This Is Us” all the while. Thank you, creators of “This is Us.”

Confession: Several pennies landed tails up. Second confession:  I did burn my fingers a few times and said at least one bad word.


It was a small price to pay.

Only $22.00!



Sparkle On, Friends!





2 thoughts on “Penny Wise: A Bathroom Shower “Curtain” Which Makes Cents

  1. Love it Mary. I wanted to do that as a backsplash in my kitchen but wasbund said no. Great idea to only use new pennies!



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