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kitchen with dex.jpgLivingLovelier has a brand new look!
You know I cannot resist redecorating: Not even my website is safe.


Please visit the newly fashioned LIVINGLOVELIER.COM. You will see that:

Having a beautifully appointed home is NOT a luxury reserved for the wealthy. A professionally designed home does not have to be expensive. It is attainable by anyone. And you deserve it.

I work with any sized budget. Sure, I work with wealthy clients who are unconcerned about the cost, but I assure you that is not the norm. Mostly, I work with people who want to love where they live. Hire me for an hour or lots of hours.

If your home is messy, I don’t care. I see a messy house as an opportunity to create something lovely. Let me in and let me at it.

Spoiler alert! When you visit you will see some pretty fancy photos. Many of them are of my own home. So, I’ll let you in on a secret- I knew that the photographer was coming that day! With three teenaged boys, a husband and a rather large dog my home doesn’t typically look like the photos.

I want to give you design, food and inspirational tips so please follow my blog at its new home:

Sparkle On, Friends!



To watch a quick introductory video of my site click here:

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