Midas Touch; Taking Blah to Ta-Dah!




Do you ever look at a piece of furniture and think. “It is the perfect size and shape, but something is just not right!”

IMG_7892Me too!

Let me share a tip on how to take that furniture from Blah to Ta-Dah!

My client has a beautifully appointed home with French Country influence.  When she first toured me through her condo, I thought, “she really does not need me.”  But as we looked around, I focussed on the small details.   I offered simple and subtle “outside the box” suggestions.

They were impactful.  She was thrilled.

Have a look at this entry table.  It is the perfect size, shape and the proportion works well with the mirror.

I transformed it with nothing more than an artist’s brush, a $12.00 jar of Modern Masters Metallic paint in “Gold Rush”, and a steady hand.

IMG_7915.jpgI’m on the hunt for some unique new knobs and also, a marble remnant to have templated for the top.  Stay tuned!

Sparkle On, Friends!

IMG_7899         HO HUM!






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