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Loving Linguine Alle Vongole

My Michael and I absolutely love Cape Cod.  Both of us grew up spending time, especially summertime, on the Cape.  He frequented Falmouth and I, Brewster.

After much persuasion and some sweet talk, My Michael convinced me that Falmouth would be home someday.

On our Falmouth weekends, we adore dining at our favorite (perfect-to-us) Italian restaurant on Main Street call “La Cucina Sul Mare.”  It was here that we had a “delicioso” Linguine a la Vongole dish.  Only, it was not in a dish.

They served it in the pan.

Yup. They did.  And that seriously blew my dress up.

I love a trend when I see one. So I followed suit, and here it is.  Linguine Alla Vongole in a PAN.

Make sure you have a nice crusty loaf of bread to sop up all the wonderfulness.  And a decent pan is goo, too. But not essential.

Honestly, I cooked this a while ago and I cannot remember exactly how I made it,  but here is Giada’s version which is similar.


Sparkle On, Friends!

(Here is my version. My Michael loved when I set this before him!)IMG_0170


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