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Sharing a Secret


Hi, Everybody!

On Tuesday, I hosted a dinner party for some gal friends.   My guests delighted me with stunning Dutch flowers.  We had a lovely time and many laughs.  I will remember the evening each time I admire my posies, which I will enjoy for the next week.

You read that right. My flowers will last for over a week.

Maybe you are having a hard time believing that statement, so, let me qualify it.

For my many years in the interior landscaping and floral business, I learned tidbits of valuable information about plant care and floral design.  One trick to keep flowers fresh and extend their staying power is to squirt a few pumps of bleach in the water.


It is imperative that flowers are kept in clean, clear water. Also, every few days the water should be changed (with a few shots of bleach), and the stems should be cut at an angle.  You see, bacteria from decaying stems and foliage clogs the stems and prohibits the flowers to “drink” the H2O.


  • Buy or receive fresh flowers (preferably, the latter)
  • Strip off the lower foliage (any foliage which would otherwise be submerged in water
  • Cut the stems at an angle with a sharp tool (a knife, scissors or pruners)
  • Squirt a few splashes of bleach into the water (use approximately a half-capful if you don’t have bleach in a spray bottle.)
  • Arrange the blooms in a vase


(Don’t forget to change the water ( with bleach,) and trim the stems every other day.)

Sparkle On, Friends!img_4200




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