Five superBOWLS for the Patriots; Five superDISHES for you.

From One Roasted Chicken Recipe-

512748bdb0fc2ad591f9fc8ae8498258Hi, Everybody!

My family LOVES roasted chicken. It is such comfort food.

Every week, I make a pan of bone-in roasted chicken breasts. I put them in a storage container in the fridge and they are my go-to.

Here are five fresh and delicious things you can make from my roasted chicken recipe.


FIRST: Roasted Chicken Breasts (You have to start somewhere, obviously)

SECOND: Roasted Chicken Soup

THIRD: Roasted Chicken Pot Pie

FOURTH: Roasted Chicken with Ziti, Bella Mushroom, and Broccoli

FIFTH: Roasted Chicken Club

Please look for these recipes in the upcoming weeks on LIVINGLOVELIER

Sparkle On, Friends!

First: Roasted Chicken


Roasted Chicken Breasts

Then, with your leftovers…shred your chicken and it is ready for a few different starring roles


Shred it!

Second: Chicken Soup



Third: Chicken Pot Pie



Fourth: Roasted Chicken with Ziti, Bella Mushroom, and Broccoli


Fifth: Chicken Club


See you next week!

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