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Creating Charisma in a Charlestown Condo: Study!

I am sharing the transformation of the study, in this final post in my series “Creating Charisma in a Charlestown Condo.”  This has been fun!

Often times, we are inspired by one item: A piece of artwork, a hobby, one notable piece of furniture, an antique.  We build our room around the theme.

This is exactly what we did for Mr. and Mrs. Charlestown.

Mrs. C. loves the USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” which is moored about one mile from their condo.  When she shared this with me and showed me the artwork below, it was evident that we needed to “nautical-ize” the office. Of course.


“Old Ironsides”

Here is where we started.image1

The walls were yellow, the desk had a laminate countertop trimmed in pine.  The bookshelves were a catch-all (they had not yet unpacked their belongings.) The glass lamp was just too large for the desktop and out of scale.  The standard office chair was functional yet not fashionable.

And here is where we landed.


We painted three of the walls Ben Moore “Gray,” keeping consistent with our chosen color theme throughout the condo. The fourth wall, the feature wall, is painted Benjamin Moore “Van Deusen Blue”: One of my favorites.

We painted over the laminate desk with the same metallic paint which we used to stripe the entryway, adding another layer of consistency.  A navy blue “Captain’s Chair” was an indisputable choice.

Mrs. C’s favorite found a prominent new spot!  This brass lamp is functional and attractive and so darn nautical! 

We opted for a simple, classic Roman shade with a flair. Mrs. Charlestown owned this bell which was tucked away on the bookcase. So, we pulled it out and gave it a spot.  Can you even STAND how perfect it is? I mean, honestly.



I found these dramatic candle holders at HomeGoods. The gold pattern reminded me of a net, yet, it is a glamorous element, too.  The basket to the left is similar to the look and feel of nautical rope.  The juxtaposition of the gold- glam “net” candle holder with the rope- basket is fun and unpredictable.


I also found this unique “porthole” mirror. I know. It is perfect.


Thank you for following the transformation of this beautiful home.  Be sure to follow my blog ( the button is on the homepage.) After all, you don’t want to miss one lovely thing.

Sparkle On, Friends!

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