What is Living Lovelier?

A Lovely New Year


Happy New Year, Everyone!

It has arrived and is in full force; 2017.

So, what has been up since the ball dropped, friends? Have you made (and reconsidered) any resolutions?

I chose not to make New Year’s Resolutions. So many of us say that we are going to lose weight, go to the gym, stop eating carbs, make our beds, stop swearing (not sure why) and on and on. My experience is that they are a recipe for feeling let down and unsuccessful. Let’s resolve to STOP STOPPING things. Let’s do things instead. Like design!

A New Year may be an invitation to try new things; things which bring joy and make stuff better- like life, or relationships or HOME.


Maybe this is the year that you will make those subtle (or not so subtle) improvements to your surroundings. Maybe your ho-hum white paint needs to move over for its vibrant replacement. And that sofa!

Let Livinglovelier help. Tell me what to do.

How about breathing new life into your living room? New paint, pillows, and accents can transform a room.

What about choosing new paint colors? Something as simple as a change in color can be transformative.

Let’s select some new fabric for your window treatments or for that chair you have wanted to re-upholster for so long.

What about staging a room? Let’s empty that cluttered catch-all of a bookshelf, organize it and give it some pizzaz.

One other thing! If 2017 is the year to sell your home, I can help. Please let me get my hands on your house. I will stage it to look it’s best and get the optimal price for your sale.

The clock is ticking. Let’s get to work.








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