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Creating Charisma in a Classic Charlestown Condo: Kitchen!


Last week I shared the transformation of the entryway of the Charlestown gem. Today, I am excited to show you the metamorphosis of the kitchen.

The kitchen was quite lovely. It had good bones: Beautiful cabinets, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors.

The challenge was that it was so, well, heavy! We needed to lighten it up. As mentioned in the last post, giving the illusion of more space has everything to do with keeping clean, sleek lines, fluidity and blending all the parts and pieces. We had some amendments to make.

Here is where we started:



  • Beautiful cabinets but lackluster cabinet pulls
  • Drab yellow paint
  • Where is the backsplash?
  • Striking granite but dark, dark, dark!
  • A useful island but much, much too small
  • Traditional leather stools which were perfectly fine but too substantial and dark.

And here is how we rocked it:


  • Kept the beautiful cabinets but replaced the ho-hum pulls with sparkly crystal knobs. Yay! (When the afternoon sun pours in, the kitchen is full of prisms- what is happier that that?)
  • Covered the drab paint with Benjamin Moore Gray (so much more delightful)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charlestown selected a fabulous backsplash and gorgeous quartz countertop with which I immediately fell in love. Stamp of approval!


  • Created MUCH more dining area by enlarging the island which was then, topped with the striking quartz. No kitchen table required, thank you very much.

Look how lovely these new streamlined, contemporary and chic stools are!


The kitchen is lovely! But, not only that, it works well. The blueprint is practical and the set up allows for everyone to gather around while the chef does the magic.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.

Next up? The Living Room!

Sparke On, Friends.

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