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Creating Charisma in a Classic Charlestown Condo; Entryway!


Charlestown is the oldest neighborhood in Boston and one of my favorites. Rich in history, it is home to the Bunker Hill Monument, The Charlestown Navy Yard, and The Constitution, otherwise known as “Old Ironsides.”

For all you movie buffs, parts of the Oscar-winning movie,“The Departed” was filmed in Charlestown.

I have had some significant run-time in C-Town. My former interior landscaping company, Louisburg Gardens, Inc., was headquartered there for almost twenty years. I lived in the neighborhood for a year, too.

A fabulous couple contacted me through LIVINGLOVELIER. They recently purchased a newly renovated, bright and delightfully airy condo nestled in one of the most historical sections of the neighborhood.

The owners were recent empty-nesters and decided to move from the suburbs into the city. They downsized from their house to a two-floor condo.

It was a blank canvas, and they wanted an extra pair of eyes to help make it their own.I was excited to return to my old ‘hood for a new project. I readily accepted the challenge. My charge was to help them to re-define the entryway, the powder room, the office, the living room and kitchen.

Urban living opens the floodgates to a plethora of cultural offerings, fabulous restaurants, convenience and “buzz.” That said, life in the metropolis, the land of plenty is expansive when one walks out the door.  But on the inside, at home, square footage can present some challenges.

Even though their condo was a generous size, we needed to utilize every inch in the most efficient and practical way.

The lower level of the condo has an open floor plan, blending the kitchen and living room.  It is flanked on one side by a perfect little entryway and on the other, a lovely study.

We needed to define each area ingeniously and keep each part unique yet maintain the fluidity. In doing so, we maximized the footprint to make it look more expansive than one would think.

Let’s get rocking.  What better way to share the transformation of this gem by beginning with the entryway?

The entryway needs to function as the red-carpet of the home, exuding character and style. But it needs to work, too. It is the space that transforms one from the hustle and bustle of the urban buzz to a place of repose; The sanctuary.

It is the part of the home that says, “Welcome.”

Here is what it looked like before we started our facelift.IMG_6623

The bulky, dark leather bench served as a holding place for her purse and mail as well as a place to sit and put on footwear.

Notice the hanging coats which were visible from the kitchen. The look was somewhat cluttered.

The umbrella needed a home

The paint was in perfect condition but lacked character and punch.
The rug was dark and utilitarian.
The artwork was doing its job to hide the mechanical box, but not perfect for the area above the bench.


The existing set- up was perfectly functional but we needed to add pizzaz.  These people are fabulous and their home should reflect just that.



This stuff deserves a place of its own. Right?

My clients had chosen their paint colors prior to my arrival: Benjamin Moore Cumulous Cloud and Gray. In the interest of keeping the footprint fluid, we continued the colors throughout the first floor, just adding punch.

Metallic Bronze was the chosen accent color. We striped the far wall of the entrance way (the wall visible from the kitchen.) This added depth and dimension.


The wall with the bronze metallic paint against the Benjamin Moore Cumulous Cloud gives it pop, character, and pizzaz!

The coat hooks are proportioned and to scale. A whimsical chrome boot is placed conveniently by the door to umbrellas.



Look at the sturdy, funky fur bench supported with chrome legs. The artwork highlights the glam in the bench- Don’t you think?

It has been more than fun working with Mr. and Mrs. Charlestown. They have welcomed ideas outside the typical and been receptive to edgy and stylish accents.

This was just the beginning of the path of transforming the condo to their home, reflecting their style, personality and the fact that they are seriously cool people.

Thanks, K and D!

Stay tuned. Next up: THE KITCHEN.

Sparkle On, Friends.



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