What is Living Lovelier?

What My Beacon Street Client Had to Say about LIVINGLOVELIER….


Listen to what she said.

“Creative, insightful and receptive to feedback. These are just some of the qualities Mary possesses as, what I like to call, a personal curator for living lovelier. When faced with the dilemma of how to decorate my rental apartment I turned to Mary for guidance. She took, what was for me, an overwhelming, anxiety-ridden task and translated my inner design aesthetic into a reality. She has the vision for those who need help bringing their thoughts and dreams into a reality. On top of all that, she comes ready to listen and receive feedback from her clients. Mary truly sparkles! “

And this is what I say. “THANK YOU!”


A while ago I wrote a post about a client in Boston;   A young, professional woman decided to claim her rental apartment as her own. By identifying her taste and listening to what she wished her home to be, we collaborated and accomplished just that.

Her budget was conservative, so we re-purposed much of her furniture, parts, pieces and then added some spunk and a touch of glam.

We incorporated fresh new fabrics, bedding, appointments, a plethora of pillows, a shag rug and many artifacts she has gathered through her travels abroad.

The result was a jewel tone and white theme with glimmer and proof of her extensive travels.  The final product reflects her personality, design-taste and interests.

She loves her urban pad, and I loved working with her.


  • If you need another set of eyes, I am available for staging.
  • If you are ready to take the leap and want a new look, let’s start decorating.

I am currently working with clients in Boston, the Metro West and Merrimack Region.

Sparkle On, Friends.




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