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HOME made; My LOVELIER Foyer


Here is the third in my Home-Made Series!

Let’s leave my LIVING-lovelier- ROOM and transition into my foyer.

My Federal Style Brick end home, built in 1810, exudes charm and antiquity.  One gorgeous detail of my house is right when you open the front door; The foyer.

The decor was not quite our cup of tea, so we started the process of bringing it up to date with an eclectic but classic feel.



Here is what we did:

  • Got rid of the floral and striped orange wallpaper
  • Removed the dusty- rose runner
  • Painted the stairs, risers and banister
  • Stripped both doors
  • Refinished the floors





Here is one side of the double stairway before.

The antique light fixture was lovely but out of scale so we repurposed it in the guest room.

The plush carpet was tired, so we took it up








Another view of the paper which is on the stairs between the second and third floors.


The prep was quite a task!

We had to be cautious of the prep work. Covering over horsehair plaster can be tricky. The contractors spent days getting the hallway and foyer ready for paint.





Look at the doors. They needed A LOT of TLC.






The original wide pine floors make me very happy indeed.  I wonder how many people walked on them over the years?

I purchased this steamer trunk (now I have three!) at a neighborhood yard sale for a whopping twenty five bucks.  Look to the far right of this photo. You can see a sliver of the trunk with which a family member of  my mom-in-law immigrated from Finland. Grammy’s steamer trunk had its cameo in my previous post, “Welcome to my LIVINGLOVELIER Room.”

The console is from Restoration Hardware. I love the juxtaposition between the rustic wood next to the chrome accents and light fixture is

Now, look way down. That is my daddy’s childhood wagon.  He was born in 1932. That has pulled precious cargo for eighty-four years!


My six-year-old niece, Katherine, in her grandfather’s childhood wagon. I know. She is precious.

Bringing new life in the foyer was an exciting project, despite the work.  Now, we love opening our front door and welcoming all who enter.

Sparkle on, Friends.

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