What is Living Lovelier?

(Updated) Welcome to My Home: A Series About How I Am LivingLovelier


It was love at first sight.

She was beautiful.

My Michael and I crossed the threshold of our antique home for the first time four years ago. The moment our realtor opened the door for us, I instantly fell in love.

The house whispered to me. “Help!” and “Save me!”

To say that work was in order is one of the world’s greater understatements.


The more excited I became, the more My Michael looked like that deer everybody talks about. You know. The headlight deer.

He. Was. Only. A. Little. Bit. Hesitant.

But I am a “vision” girl who loves a challenge. I see potential.

I love a blank (ripped?) canvas. I’m a girl who happens to be talented in the art of persuasion. So, we bought it.

There was much to do before we moved in. We pulled down walls and ceilings. We tore down the facade, beams and sills of the house. We excavated and rebuilt the bulkhead which was caving in.


We replaced 40 windows, built a walk-in master bathroom closet combo. And a lot more.

Much of the work we did was not sexy. It involved lallies and sump pumps and reinforcing roofs.


And open gas lines (did I mention it was a potentially lethal project, too?)

It was exciting and challenging and fun.

But I like talking about the sexy part best. The decorating. The design. The paint and paper.

So, I am going to tell you about my two-month journey from start to (almost) finish.

Here is the first in a series I am calling “HOME Made” I will share before, during and after photos of my house as I renovated it. I will offer some design advice and tell you why I arrived at decisions.

Look for my next post, “HOME Made; My LIVINGlovelierROOM.”

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