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Nothing Says Love Like a Strawberry.



Sunday February 14 is Valentines Day everybody. Don’t forget!

Having worked in the floral business for so many years, I am well aware of the hype as well as the escalated price of roses on or around February 14. Escalated is a very nice word choice. Ridiculous fits better.

If you forgo flowers, maybe you will reach for the red heart shaped box filled with ho hum chocolates. Don’t!

I have a better idea. How about if you show someone that you love them with a home made and delicious gift that could not be more simple?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries!


I dare you to find someone who would turn their nose up to one of these babies. The are happy, cheerful little morsels of delightful fun. Promise.

And these are super-duper easy to make, too. Here is how.

What you need:


Find the freshest prettiest berries that your store carries.  Look for ones which are evenly sized and ripe (sometimes the fruit is white right under the foliage- you don’t want those because once dipped, only the white will be visible.)

Go to the baking aisle and pick up a container of dipping chocolate (any brand will do.)

What to do:

  • Rinse your berries under cold water and gently and thoroughly pat them dry with a paper towel or clean cloth.
  • Melt the chocolate according to the directions on the package.
  • Meanwhile, cover a half sheet pan with either wax or parchment paper.
  • Dip each berry into the chocolate and it place on the pan.
  • Refrigerate until you are ready to deliver them.
  • (Deliver them in a decorated re-purposed egg carton, in a pretty box or on a plate) 

Happy Valentines Day!

Berry Trivia:

What is the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside? (Guess.)

Berry Humor:

What did one stawberry say to the other strawberry?

If you weren’t so sweet we wouldn’t be in this jam!

Sparkle on, Friends!





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