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Adding Glam to a Beacon Street Studio


Bedrooms Should be Creamy and Dreamy


A bright young woman recently contacted me for some decorating help.

This fabulous and stylish gal just landed an impressive new job in the city. She packed up her bags and moved from the ‘burbs into a bright and spacious Beacon Street studio.

She is hoping to purchase an urban condo in the near future. So, our charge was to take her rental and give it a cosmo facelift. Given that, our mission was to repurpose as much as possible and focus on the fresh decor and accents.  We gave special attention to her bedroom nook.

Here is where we started

I asked her how she would describe her style and this is what she said,

“I want my home to feel warm, welcoming and loving for me and all that enter. I want people to walk in and feel safe and at home, for conversations to last as the candles burn down and for the laughs to be loud and often. I love being a hostess and hearing peoples stories and also having some time to myself to hide from the rest of the world when I’ve been “on” for too long. A place to recharge and come back the next day stronger and at peace….”

It is not often that I receive that answer. I told you that she was bright. And did I mention articulate?

So we started.

As we explored and shopped it became apparent that she loved the “Shabby chic” look with pops of color, and classic lines.  We re-purposed her existing furniture and added props and accents.

Her bed needed to be a haven and a comfort zone where she could read, listen to music, relax and just be.


Pillows. Bright. Crisp. White. Fluffy.

I love a creamy dreamy bedroom. It is just the tonic  for the end of a long day. Jump on in, cozy up, pour a cup of tea, pull out a book and put on some mood music. A shortbread cookie doesn’t hurt either.

My biggest bedroom design advice? Please make your bed. Everyday. There is nothing like coming home to a well made and crisp bed.

Then, we moved on to the “living room.”IMG_4847

An ivory shag area rug is warm and a great area where she can sit with friends, candles and a glass of wine.

She had a loveseat that needed a little chutzpah, so we covered it with a plush sapphire throw and added a cool, decorative pillows. We polished up her retro coffee table, adorned it with some of her favorite books and used and oversized mirrored tray to add a bit of glam. Dually, it lightened and brightened up the heavy wood. And candles. Always candles.




We are off to an exciting start. We will tackle the loft next.

Can’t wait!



Sparkle On, Friends.













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