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Define Interior Landscaping Design

For twenty years I owned an Interior Landscaping business called Louisburg Gardens.

My company provided Interior Landscaping Services as well as Holiday Decor and Urban Gardening (planters, patios and roof deck design.)

During that time, my experiences ranged from designing with interior plants to sourcing and creating magnificent holiday decor to bringing color and life to outside urban environments.


Pictures 023

Lemon Lime Dracaena Warneckii at Boston’s Seaport District

My business serviced clients in Massachusetts (mainly Boston/ Greater Boston,) New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Clients ranged from large corporations with multi-state campuses to Simon Properties (Malls. Lots and lots of malls) to Sam Adams Brewery (which was a favorite with my staff as they had an in-office pub with free beer samples.)

Often, when I share what my past career was, people tend to tilt their heads and with a puzzled look, ask, “INTERIOR Landscaping? What is that?”

april 013

It is quite simple.

Interior Landscaping is an industry which provides tropical plants for interior environments.  Interior Landscaping is the process of evaluating an environment and deeming what species will survive given the light, heat, access as well as many other factors.

Bamboo at  The Hyatt Regency


From a single plant in a decorative planter to a large planter bed with a plethora of plants and flowers to a green wall, it is much more than small cactus in a clay pot that you can pick up at your local superstore.

Rhapis Excelsia, Dracaena Rikki, Syngonium, Dieffenbachia and Phalaenopsis Orchid

It is a creative and inspiring industry. It is rewarding to both nurture and design with perishable, living products that add beauty and clean air.

It takes a team; Designers and Salespeople, Buyers, Drivers and Installers, and horticulturalists to keep everything alive and thriving. Also, it counts on seasonal decorating designers and exterior landscaping gurus. (It is not easy keeping urban landscaping looking perfect!)

I will bet, until now, that you have not noticed tropical plants in the buildings in which you work, your local mall or the hotel in which you recently stayed.

Seaport 023

Phalaenopsis Orchid in River Rock


Maybe now you will.

Sparkle On, Friends.

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