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Survey Says!

I just interviewed my boys about their top eleven favorite recipes from my kitchen.



Fried Chicken:

Homemade. (25 recipes tried.) We finally settled on this custom gem. “Southern-fried heaven.” (Michael)IMG_4863

Linguine ala Vodka:

Sounds simple and standard but-nope.  And you don’t need and ID to eat it. Hands down, this is the most requested choice for birthday dinners in our house.  A touch of cream and some freshly grated parmesan gives it another layer of flavor.




(a.k.a. Risotto Balls)  Much like the fried chicken, I tried many recipes but finally found the home run.  “If you hit one of these out of the park it would go everywhere!” (Andrew)



In the house tonight!  These make us speak fluent Espanol!  No joke. Well. Kind of a joke. Soft flour tacos with seasoned spicy carne chili, shredded romaine, homemade salsa,  guacamole and refried beans. Estupendo!


Grilled Filet of Beef

“Mortons, DelFriscos, Louie’s step aside!” (My Michael)  He is biased.



Twice Baked Potatoes

“The crusty outside kind of makes a bowl for the yummy and creamy mashed potatoes on the inside of the jacket. Smooth and crunchy. 10 out of 10 would potato again”(Andrew.)


Sausage Lasagna

Envision another level of lasagna deliciousness created simply by replacing ground beef with Sweet Italian Sausage.  I use homemade ricotta and l levels upon levels of flavor: Leeks, onions, garlic, tomato, fresh mozzarella, buffalo mozzerella Madiera wine and, and, and….





“The perfect mixture of all of the ingredients baked at the exact temp with all of the perfect precautions make this pastry more than a dinner roll ‘s counterpart”(Andrew.)  By the way, he is a future judge for Chopped.



Fish Chowder

Totally fresh just like my (boys) I mean, husband.


Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Give pork a break. It doesn’t have to be tough and gross. Redefine how good pork can be.  This is tender and melts in your mouth.  Don’t cook the hell out of pork!  New Servesafe guidelines say to cook pork at 145.  A juicy pink middle is perfect.

025 (2).JPG

Grilled Striper

Simply seasoned with EVOO, sea salt, fresh pepper and a sprinkle of garlic powder this is light and dee EEE Lish. You can’t get enough. “Mom, I love Striper! It is tasty!” (Ronan)


6 thoughts on “Survey Says!

  1. We need some of these meals! Greg’s on bed rest for another week and then work from home a week. Maybe I will send my mom to come get some


  2. This post is not helping me to jump start my diet tomorrow! Well, the striper maybe but arancini, no. Fried chicken, not so much. Ah well, everything in moderation they say. It’s just hard when your food is so delicious!!! Love you! 🙂


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