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Rocking the Christmas Tree

Hi All! This is one of my first posts which I published two years ago.  In it, you will find some tips on tree decorating. 

Seasons Greetings! 

Sparkle On,  Friends!


Magical December.

The music.The lights. The spirit.

December brings an invitation to create:  We decorate, cook, and gather among friends.

Decorating makes for a festive atmosphere, it adds to the fun of the season and it brings joy.


For twenty years, I owned a design company. The largest part of the business was holiday decorating.

Giving the timing of the season, it was intense and hard work! We created holiday displays which included  25′ trees and 14,’ 500-pound wreaths that required the help of riggers and boom lifts to install. It was fun. It was daunting, too.

Although it was exhausting, I never tire of appointing my own home.

Last night I trimmed my favorite room ever, my parlor.  I abandoned the traditional red and green and opted for crystal, white and frost.

Trimming this room seems like accessorizing it.

I choose wintery whites, crystal, glass and flocked ornaments. And white lights are a must, clearly.

Here are a few tips to make a monochromatic design that is stylish and classic:


  • Stick to one general color and accent with different hues. Here, I use frosty whites and clear glass.
  • Densely light the tree ensuring that you wind the lights both tucked in close to the trunk as well as mid-branch. This gives depth.  This 7′ tree has approximately 400 mini-lights
  • Use a variety of materials and mediums. I have antique ornaments, crystal, clear glass, plastic (yes,) ceramic and some fuzzy snowballs, to boot.
  • Weave in garland- Here, I used iridescent silver ribbon, glittery, shimmering garland and artificial flocked green “picks” to add dimension and fullness
  • The denser the decorations and the more lights, the better. Go big, friends.
  • Never underestimate the power of a beautiful tree skirt. Here, I use a leftover remnant from my silk drapes.

Sparkle on, Friends!






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