What is Living Lovelier?





adjective, lovelier, loveliest.

1.charmingly or exquisitely beautiful; a lovely flower.

2.having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as t the eye, as a person or a face.

Life can be messy. Life can be complicated. But even on your worst day you can gather up all the mess, put your bedazzled work boots on and start Living Lovelier.

I am Mary Lovely. My friends call me “MARYLOVELY.” My husband calls me Sparkle. That will take on meaning as you read on.

I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer, steward, interior designer, personal chef and passionate creator.  I am happiest around my husband, boys and Black Labrador, Dexter.  And if I am with them and creating: cooking a meal, re-designing a room or writing a blog post, I am euphoric.

So why Living Lovelier?

I have a great fervor to surround myself with beauty and goodness. And to me, creativity is the best medicine.

Living Lovelier is about resiliently finding beauty. Your beauty- however that looks.

Surround yourself with that which brings you joy.  Be happy.










3 thoughts on “livinglovelier

  1. Just signed on to follow this blog. Sounds interesting and worthwhile. Surrounding oneself with beauty in whatever form is a wonderful idea. Looking forward to your future posts, ❤

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  2. Your post reminds me of the quote by Frederick Buechner, “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” Thank you for your wonderful post.

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